Coal Geology & Exploration


In view of the large demand for personnel in the underground coal mine drilling site, many potential safety hazards, and the difficulty of controlling the movement of the drilling rig by one-man operation and knowing the operating status of the drilling rig from a global perspective, the digital twin technology has benn introduced to design and develop a remote service platform for the drilling rig. Based on the ZDY25000LDK drilling rig, the platform system integrates the technologies concerning the remote control system of the drilling rig, the digital twin model and parameter monitoring system, with the remote control of the drilling rig, the whole life cycle mapping of the rig operation and parameter monitoring realized by the sensing and execution layer, data transmission layer and remote centralized control layer. Specifically, the remote control system of the drilling rig can control the drilling rig remotely in real time. The digital twin model can map the movement state of each moving part of the drilling rig, and can provide a priori reference for drilling construction through simulation experiments. The parameter monitoring system can realize the real-time monitoring of the state and drilling parameters of drilling rig. Thus, the remote service platform of the drilling rig had its functionality and real-timeness verified. The experimental results show that the remote service platform of the drilling rig can control the drilling rig remotely, as well as map and monitor the operating status and parameters of the drilling rig from a global perspective. The optimal ratio of the rotary speed and the feed speed of the power head during the make-up process of the drilling rig obtained through the digital twin simulation is 4.28, which is consistent with the actual make-up situation. Generally, the platform has the advantages of convenient operation, high real-timeness, good reliability, and friendly human-computer interaction, etc., providing a solution for reducing manpower, increasing efficiency and intelligent upgrading of coal mine drilling.


automatic drilling rig, industrial control system, industrial communication technology, remote control and monitoring, digital twin




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