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Perforating parameters have an important impact on the productivity of oil and gas wells. Currently, the optimization of perforating parameters is mostly based on single factor analysis, with no multi-factor comprehensive evaluation analysis performed. In this paper, the finite element simulation method was used to analyze and study the influence law of perforating parameters on wellhead flow under different reservoir conditions. Firstly, a geometric model of pressure drop in reservoir with perforation completion was established to simulate the fluid flow after perforation. In this way, the influence laws of perforating parameters, anisotropy parameters and natural fracture parameters on the pressure and seepage fields of homogeneous reservoir, anisotropic reservoir and fractured reservoir were obtained. On this basis, the relationship between the parameters, such as hole depth, hole density, hole size, phase angle, pollution zone depth and pollution degree, and the wellhead flow was calculated quantitatively. Meanwhile, orthogonal experiment was designed for the multi-factor analysis of perforating parameters under different perforation modes in different reservoirs, and the wellhead flow under various working conditions was obtained. Then, the grey correlation coefficient between the parameters and wellhead flow under different reservoir conditions and different perforation methods was analyzed with the grey correlation theory. Then, the applicability of the parameters was evaluated, and the optimization design software of perforating parameters was formed. To ensure that the casing collapse resistance is reduced by no more than 5%, and to maximize the perforation completion productivity ratio, the perforation optimization scheme under different reservoirs and different perforation modes was given according to the actual perforating parameter combinations and the optimization of perforating parameters combined with F oilfield. Finally, the sensitivity analysis of perforating parameters was carried out, obtaining the influence law of perforation depth, phase angle and hole density on the productivity of directional well. With the increase of hole depth and density, the daily production and cumulative production of horizontal well gradually increases. Specifically, the daily production and cumulative production of well at 45° phase angle were both higher than that at the phase angle of 0°. Through the orthogonal experiment based on the finite element simulation, the multi-factor comprehensive evaluation of perforating parameters was realized, and the reliability of the weight of perforating parameters was improved with the grey correlation method. Generally, this study provides a basis for the reasonable range and optimization of perforating parameters.


oil and gas reservoir, perforating parameter, grey correlation, productivity prediction, sensitivity analysis




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