Coal Geology & Exploration


Owing to its high resolution and low energy attenuation, channel wave-based seismic exploration has been widely applied in the geophysical prospecting of hidden disaster-causing factors in underground coal mines. However, its accuracy fails to meet the requirements of intelligent mine mining presently. At present, the analogue modeling of channel waves mostly focuses on Rayleigh-type channel waves using 2D models, leading to a lack of research on Love-type channel waves. To explore the propagation law of Love-type channel waves, this study investigated the waves in the 3D analogue modeling of channel waves. Firstly, the wave and particle vibration characteristics of Love-type channel waves are studied through the analysis of the wave equation and dispersion curve. Subsequently, based on the principle of similarity, an analogue modeling platform of channel wave is built by constructing excitation, receiving and synchronization devices similar to field acquisition. Then, through the ratio selection of materials such as silicone rubber and resin, a seismic analogue model that conforms to the actual strata properties is made. Finally, through the design of three typical observation systems, the channel wave ultrasonic physical simulation is carried out, and the Love-type channel wave in the physical model is successfully observed. Through the comparative analysis of the wave field records and dispersion curves of the two survey lines in the coal seam and the surrounding rock, especially the coincidence degree of the theoretical curve, the validity of the analogue modeling is further verified. At the same time, by comparing the Love-type channel wave field of two survey lines crossing the fault and the normal coal seam, it is found that the frequency components of the wave field underwent a significant conversion with the Airy phase as the boundary before and behind a fault, with the channel wave energy almost completely attenuated after passing through the fault. The results of this study will provide theoretical support for data acquisition, processing, and interpretation in the subsequent quantitative and refined channel wave-based seismic exploration.


Love-type channel waves, analogue modeling, fault, channel wave-based seismic exploration




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