Coal Geology & Exploration


In order to improve the support efficiency of coal mine roadway and the automation intelligence of heading face, an anchor drilling robot integrating the cantilever roadheader and the six-degree-of-freedom manipulator was designed, and studied on the anchor drilling sequence planning strategy and the drilling boom trajectory planning method. Firstly, the kinematics model of the manipulator structure was established based on the improved DH method. On this basis, the forward and inverse kinematics solutions were analyzed, and the spatial position and the corresponding joint variable values of the drilling rig were calculated. Secondly, the manipulator space was analyzed based on Monte Carlo random number method, and the motion range of dual manipulators was solved. Then, the drilling sequence planning strategy was put forward based on the technical requirements of drilling and anchorage, so that the two manipulators could complete the roof anchoring task according to a specific anchoring order under different conditions. Finally, the trajectory planning of the manipulator was completed based on the quintic polynomial interpolation method, so that the drill boom could reach the target position quickly and smoothly. The simulation results show that the anchor drilling robot can meet the requirements of roadway support in the range of 6 000 mm wide × 4 500 mm high. Based on the hole sequence planning strategy and the drilling boom trajectory planning method, the two rigs can effectively avoid the interference in the roof anchorage operation, realize the accurate and smooth movement to the anchorage point and complete the anchorage task. The research results provide a way of thinking and method for the development of automatic support and intelligent mining.


anchor drilling robot, kinematic model, workspace, trajectory planning, quintic polynomial interpolation, coal mine


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