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The shallow coal resources in China have been gradually depleted. Under the condition that the deep coal exploitation has been started, the threat from the high-artesian limestone water at the coal seam floor is greater. Deep understanding of the hydrochemical composition control mechanism in the aquifer of the mine area is an important scientific precondition for pertinently carrying out water hazard prevention and control. In order to find out the qualitative and quantitative sources of the conventional ions which in the deep ground water of the Anhui Qianyingzi Coal Mine, the 22 conventional ion concentrations in limestone water were analyzed through multiple mathematical statistics methods (including correlation analysis and R cluster analysis), the ionic ratio method and Unmix model. As indicated by the results, the ground water was medium to weak alkaline. The change range of the total dissolved solids (TDS) was 1 945 mg/L to 5 292 mg/L. Cations can be sequenced by their average mass concentrations (from the larger to the smaller) as: Na+ (717 mg/L), Ca2+ (270 mg/L) and Mg2+ (153 mg/L). Anions can be sequenced by their average mass concentrations as: SO4 2− (2 305 mg/L), HCO3 (293 mg/L) and Cl (186 mg/L). The hydrochemical type of 95% samples was SO4-Na. As indicated by the correlation analysis, cluster analysis and ionic ratio analysis, the hydrochemical composition control factors in the aquifer were mainly the dissolution of sulfate and carbonate minerals (source 1) as well as the dissolution of salt rock and the weathering of the silicate mineral (source 2). As shown in the Unmix model, the average contribution rates of the source 1 and source 2 to the conventional ion concentrations to the ground water were 56% and 44% respectively. The contribution rates of source 1 to the concentrations of Ca2+, Mg2+, Na+ and SO4 2− were 73%, 68%, 63% and 73%, respectively. The contribution rates of source 2 to the concentrations of Cl and HCO3 were 75% and 66%, respectively. The study results can provide theoretical support for the accurate identification of the water bursting source in the coal mine with the similar conditions.


deep groundwater, hydrochemical characteristics, source analysis, receptor model, Unmix model, Qianyingzi Coal Mine in Anhui




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