Coal Geology & Exploration


To meet the rapid development of coal mine automation and intelligent production and the urgent need for rapid prevention and regional management outburst, and to promote the development of the gas disaster control technology system in large areas of coal mines, this paper aims to solve the problem of traditional coal seam drilling gas drainage technology, which is “not deep enough to be drilled and cannot be pumped out and cannot be tested.” It analyzes the application effects of technical equipment such as directional drilling, surface wells, staged hydraulic fracturing, deep hole sampling, and detection while drilling in various geological conditions in major mining areas over the past few years. A large-area control technology system for coal mine gas has been formed based on key technologies such as large-area advanced-while-drilling geological exploration and prediction, large-area surface and underground gas drainage, and non-contact continuous online dynamic prediction. The upgrading and transformation of coal mines has laid the foundation for the realization of the purpose of comprehensively controlling gas in large areas of coal mines without or less use of special gas treatment tunnels. Finally, it is concluded out that detection technologies such as nuclear magnetic detection, gamma, radar, and deep-hole optical fiber will be developed in the future to realize the identification of coal, rock and geological anomalies, and accurate measurement of gas parameters. technology to enhance the combined pre-pumping effect of up and down wells; develop regional ultra-large-flow fracturing pump sets or fracturing plants, coiled tubing fracturing and other technologies and equipment to enhance the regional permeation enhancement effect in coal mines; develop risk information fusion perception and highlight precursors Features intelligent identification, gas over-limit warning and other technologies are used to achieve continuous and accurate regional prediction and intelligent early warning.


gas disaster, precision prevention and control technology system, ahead of large areas and time, forecast and early warning, prospect




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