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For the purpose of further exploring the flame wave propagation characteristics of the gas explosion shock wave, the gas explosion experiment was carried out in a complex pipe network designed and built by ourselves. In the experiment, a high precision pressure sensor and a temperature sensor were used to collect pressure changes and temperature peak data. By using the flame sensor to collect the flame wave signal in the process of explosion, the flame wave propagation velocity was calculated according to the theoretical formula, and the Origin software was used to comprehensively process the experimental data to study the shock wave and flame wave propagation characteristics of gas explosion in the complex pipe network. The results show that in the pipeline the peak value of maximum pressure and minimum pressure at each measuring point is 0.599 MPa and 0.297 MPa, the peak value of flame wave velocity is 214.04 m/s, and the value of velocity on the pipeline L4 decreases to 0 m/s. The peak value of temperature at each measuring point is 1,837 K and the minimum is 1 521 K. As the propagation distance of the blast wave and flame wave increases in the complex pipe network, the trend of pressure attenuation and velocity mutation becomes more significant.


gas explosion, shock wave, flame wave, propagation characteristic, complex pipe network




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