Coal Geology & Exploration


Rock and mineral specimens are unique and non-renewable. The traditional collection display is not convenient for professional academic exchanges, which limits the efficient development of the popularization of geosciences. 350 representative rock and mineral specimens of Xishan Coalfield in Taiyuan City are collected to explore the fine 3D modeling of small-scale rock and mineral specimens and to construct a virtual simulation platform. First, the multi-view image 3D reconstruction technology to design a matching three-dimensional ring object photography device is used to collect image data. Then modeling accuracy is optimized from two aspects of original image quality and modeling software. Finally, by WebGL technology, a virtual simulation platform of rock and mine specimens of Xishan Coalfield is built, and the optimization of the loading speed of the 3D model browser through data format conversion is achieved. The practice shows that the fine three-dimensional modeling of rock and mine specimens and the construction of its virtual simulation platform have effectively improved the sharing and popularization of geological specimens, and improved the professionalism of coal mine geological technicians.


rock and mineral specimen, 3D modeling, WebGL, virtual simulation, QR code




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