Coal Geology & Exploration


The intelligence construction of Tangjiahui Coal Mine is confronted with constrains such as water-conducting faults and pressure of Ordovician limestone water, and how to make the geological conditions transparent has become the technical bottleneck of intelligent mining. Tangjiahui Coal Mine puts emphasize on the prevention and control of water disasters and adopted five advanced technologies, including borehole transient electromagnetic technology, multi-borehole resistivity, seismic while excavating, seismic while mining, microseismic monitoring to build a real-time dynamic transparent geological guarantee system. The system realizes the prevention and control of water disasters, rapid excavation and intelligent mining based on transparent geological models, which supports the two intelligent mining operation lines of autonomous cutting and fast excavation as well as autonomous planning and intelligent mining. In particular, the SYC1 anomaly area is found 343 m ahead of the 61304 intelligent working face, 80 days ahead of schedule by the seismic detection technology, and the anomaly can be tracked and forecasted continuously, until it was exposed and verified in the real mining process. The demonstration application of the transparent geological guarantee system has achieved remarkable economic and social benefits as follows: Nearly 1 million tons of coal resources were relieved of the threat of Ordovician limestone water in 61304 working face; The footage of the 61302 fast excavation face is increased from 260 meters a month to 352 meters a month; Daily labor of 61304 intelligent mining face is reduced by 70%.


Tangjiahui Coal Mine, transparent geology, Ordovician limestone water, rapid excavation, intelligent mining, geology guarantee




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