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It is the most direct and effective method to extract coalbed methane by drilling along the coal seam and high-level drilling on the roof for comprehensive treatment of coalbed methane in underground coal mines. Improving the drilling speed of directional drilling and the drilling encounter rate in the coal seam of uneven thickness with large fluctuation, reducing the labor intensity of the personnel, enhancing the ability to prevent drilling accidents, and adapting to the intelligent development needs of coal mines, the intelligent drilling equipment for long-distance directional drilling in coal mines are all the important problems to be solved in the field of coal mine underground drilling. In view of the actual demand for accurate control of drilling rigs in geologic steering and rotary steering drilling and the urgent need for intelligent development of coal mines, an integrated solution of automatic control and split compact layout design of the underground long-distance directional drilling equipment in coal mine based on explosion-proof electro-hydraulic control technology is proposed in this paper. It focuses on the design and technology to be solved, such as overall compact layout design, key executive parts design, automatic drill pipe loading and unloading technology, explosion-proof electro-hydraulic control technology, large flow mud pump unit design. The ZDY25000LDK intelligent directional drilling equipment realizes the functions of automatic loading and unloading drill pipe control, intelligent directional drilling, real-time monitoring of parameters, intelligent diagnosis and early warning of typical faults in the process of long-distance directional drilling, so as to comprehensively improve the intelligent level of directional drilling equipment. At the same time, it provides reliable equipment guarantee for rotary steering and geologic steering construction, as well as the efficient construction of “drilling borehole instead of roadway” large-diameter directional drilling.


directional drilling rig, long distance drilling borehole, explosion proof electro-hydraulic control, intellectualization, mud pump truck, rotary steering, geosteering




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