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The ZDY4500LFK full automatic drilling rig was developed and equipped with a surface monitoring and control system to improve the automation of various drilling works and reduce the number of underground workers, then accelerate the intelligent construction of coal mines and meet the demand for the construction of transparent geological security system in mines. In consideration of the key technical problems encountered in the drilling construction of the drilling rig in the transparent geological guarantee system in Tangjiahui Coal Mine of Huaihe Energy West Coal and Electricity Group, such key technologies as row positioning technology and automatic unloading buckle were proposed to achieve an effective improvement in the reliability and automation of the drilling rig. The results of industrial test show that the functionality and real-time performance of the developed ground monitoring and control system meet the application requirements. With the adoption of the relevant technologies, the systems of the full automatic drilling rig operate reliably with rod bin row precisely positioned, thread wear of the active drill pipe significantly reduced. Consequently, the ZDY4500LFK automatic drilling rig together with its guarantee monitoring and control system have reduced the number of underground construction personnel, realized reliable and stable full-automatic drilling operation, ultimately providing reliable equipment guarantee for the transparent geological guarantee system for Tangjiahui Coal Mine.


full automatic drilling rig, the ground monitoring system, the ground control system, rod bin row positioning, automatic unloading buckle, transparent geological guarantee system




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