Coal Geology & Exploration


The intelligent drilling technology and equipment are important part of the intelligent construction of coal mine, and it is the advanced technology and equipment urgently needed by coal mine enterprises to further promote the work of reducing personnel and increasing efficiency. The phased achievements of underground intelligent drilling technology and equipment during the 13th five-year plan are systematically summarized, and the development status of key technical equipment such as automatic drilling rig, parameter monitoring of measurement while drilling(MWD) system, rotary steerable system are introduced. The key factors restricting the research and development (R & D) and application of intelligent drilling technology and equipment are comprehensively analyzed: low level of drilling rig intelligent, few types of MWD data, and difficulty in integrating and controlling multi systems. On this basis, it is proposed to deeply promote the combination of digital, networked and intelligent technologies with traditional pit drilling technologies, strengthen multidisciplinary integration and collaborative innovation capabilities, and continuously strengthen the cultivation of intelligent drilling technology and equipment research and application talents. With technical equipment as the support, digital platform as the guarantee, and talent team construction as the basis, the problems will be tackled in the following aspects: the intelligent drilling rig, the technology of high-precision data acquisition and transmission, the technology of intelligent optimization and control of trajectory, the technology of integrated control of auxiliary related equipment, the digital drilling platform, and the underground intelligent drilling in the whole process of coal mines will be realized.


intelligent drilling, automatic drilling rig, MWD system, rotary steerable system, research progress, development trend




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