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The evaluation and the utilization of the resources of the closed coal mines have dual benefits of resources and environment, and can provide a transformation and development path for coal mining enterprises. Based on the investigation of the resources of the closed coal mines in the main mining areas of Hebei Province, through the summary of the typical cases of the resources reuse of the closed coal mines at home and abroad and in Hebei Province, this paper sums up 7 types and 19 kinds of recommended modes of the resources reuse of the closed coal mines in Hebei Province, analyzes the selection factors of recommended modes, and divides the types of resources. According to the influence degree of mine geological environments, problem types and mine location differences, and according to the principle of recommended mode selection, this paper puts forward the resource utilization modes suitable for different closed coal mines. Considering the background conditions of closed coal mines and the conditions of resource development and utilization, this paper puts forward the ways of resource reuse for 118 closed coal mines in main mining areas of Hebei Province. On the basis of relevant research, in view of the practical problems existing in the reuse of closed coal mine resources in the main mining areas of Hebei Province, such as insufficient support conditions, lack of safety evaluation, support policies and management methods, and lack of technical guidelines for resource investigation, evaluation and utilization, this paper puts forward the construction of typical projects for resource utilization, timely mastering the comprehensive information of closed coal mines, constructing technical guidelines for investigation and evaluation of closed coal mine resources. Relevant treatment projects have been carried out, good job in the overall planning of resource utilization has been made, scientific and technological investment and key technology research and development have been strengthened, the concept of the whole life cycle of the mine has been established, attention has been paid to the post cycle management of mining assets and the pit closure management has been improved, so as to select the ones with weak ecological sensitivity, rich resources, superior location conditions and meeting the needs of local economic and social development. Taking the closed coal mines convenient for coordinated development and utilization as the key research object, industrial experiments and demonstration projects for comprehensive utilization of resources have been carried out, the closed coal mine resource evaluation system was systematically constructed, and the coordinated development of closed coal mine resource utilization and ecological protection has been realized.


closure of coal mine, resource reuse, recommended models, industrial relics, underground space, gangue utilization




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