Coal Geology & Exploration


In order to overcome the shortcomings of the existing electrical prospecting technology in coal mines, such as multiple construction of electrical sounding, electrical profile and electrical penetration and a scarcity of data collected, an integrated electrical prospecting system is successfully designed, absorbing the idea of parallel electrical data acquisition, and applying the "rectangular wave" electrode layout mode combined with the "multi device data extraction" technology. The experimental results show that the system can complete the original data acquisition of electrical sounding, electrical profile, electrical perspective and other electrical construction methods with one-time wiring and one-round power supply, and extract the measurement data of various electrical methods and device types. After a comprehensive process, the 3D exploration results of various geoelectric fields are obtained. At the same time, results under the same construction conditions are compared with each other to improve the precision and reliability of the analysis of geophysical exploration results. The existing electrical methods such as traditional direct current method, high-density method, parallel method and electric perspective method should be integrated to complement each other in an innovative manner, so as to realize efficient, fine and three-dimensional detection of water bearing capacity of coal and rock strata in the working face.


electrical method, integrated exploration, rectangular wave pattern, efficient acquisition, data extraction, 3D exploration




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