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Finding out the characteristics of supercritical methane adsorption phase density of granular coal is the basis of studying the influence of temperature and pressure on methane adsorption amount of coal sample. Granular coal samples collected from Hebi No.6 Mine and Longshan Mine in Anyang-Hebi Coalfield were used to measure the isothermal adsorption lines at temperatures of 308 K, 313 K and 318 K, and pressures of 1-24 MPa by magnetic suspension balance isotherm adsorption device. The intercept method, Langmuir ternary model fitting method and liquid phase density method were used to calculate the adsorbed phase density at adsorption saturation and find out the influencing factors. By the method of constant adsorption phase volume, on the one hand, the adsorbed phase density were calculated, and the experimental phenomenon of negative value and peak inflection point of excess adsorption capacity was explained; on the other hand, a relatively ideal absolute adsorption capacity has been calibrated. The calculation results of adsorbed phase density show that the methane adsorption phase density is affected by temperature, pressure and coal metamorphism degree: it decreases with the increase of temperature, and increases rapidly with the increase of pressure at first, and then gradually slows down. The saturated adsorption phase density of anthracite is between 121.60-137.02 kg/m3, and that of meager lean coal is between 73.29-76.96 kg/m3. The calculation results of absolute adsorption capacity show that the absolute adsorption capacity corrected by liquid density method would appear negative value, which is obviously inconsistent with the reality; the absolute adsorption capacity corrected by intercept method and Langmuir ternay model method changes with the change of experimental conditions, in combination with the variation of adsorption constant b, the Langmuir ternary model is found to be the most suitable method to describe the adsorption behavior of supercritical methane.


granular coal, supercritical methane, adsorbed phase density, excess adsorption capacity, absolute adsorption capacity




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