Coal Geology & Exploration


The Deep Resources Exploration and Mining(DREAM) grant program, within the framework of The National Key Research and Development Program grants, is a pillar to implement China’s science and technology strategy in the area of deep resources exploitation. To tackle the insufficient of theories and technologies for the 1000-meter-deep mining, a section of mining, covering the research of basic theories, general technologies and application demonstration, was arranged in the layout of DREAM under the principle of "whole chain design, integrated implementation". In the aspect of basic research, DREAM mainly focused on the deep rock mechanics and mining theory, such as the in-situ mechanical behavior of deep rock, deep high stress induction and energy regulation theory. For the general and key technologies, DREAM supported the research on the mine construction and hoisting, excavation, rock breaking, mining methods and mining safety according to the characteristics of coal and metal mines. For the demonstration application, taking green, safe and efficient as the starting point, DREAM aimed at the green, safe and high efficiency mining, and the demonstration and leading role projects such as the low-waste and high-efficiency back fill mining. Since 2016, 10 R&D projects have been funded, and 122 institutional participants with a total budget of RMB 235 million from the central government and RMB 480 million from enterprises as well as local governments have been involved. It is expected that the mining section of DREAM would contribute to establishing the theory and technology system in the area of deep mining and promoting the ability of deep resource exploitation in China.


resource of deep earth, mining, theory, general technology, application demonstration




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