Coal Geology & Exploration


In view of the difficulty in preparing the coal with broken soft structure intact, it needs to be processed into remolded coal. In order to study the influence of suppression loads on the physical characteristics of coal, the micro-pore structure and adsorption characteristics of remolded coal under different molding loads were discussed based on the pore test experiment of low temperature liquid nitrogen and the methane adsorption experiment of high pressure capacity method. The results show that: The pore volume of micropores and pores decreases slightly with the increase of molding load, the specific surface area increases slightly with the increase of molding load, and the reduction of total pore volume and the increase of pore specific surface area are not obvious. According to the fractal theory, it is found that the pore structure has obvious fractal characteristics, and the fractal dimension in the high pressure section is generally lower than that in the low pressure section, and the fractal dimension of remolded coal formed by different loads has little difference. The adsorption isotherm curves conform to the first type adsorption curve, and Langmuir model is applicable to describe the reshape coal isothermal adsorption remolded coal. The molding load has a certain influence on the adsorption constant of coal. Its influence on adsorption constant b value is greater than that on a value. The study of the adsorption characteristics of remolded coal under different molding loads is of great engineering significance for gas extraction and treatment.


remolded coal, adsorption characteristics, adsorption constant, pore structure, fractal dimension




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