Coal Geology & Exploration


Tight radius drilling technology based on high pressure water jet is an important technical means to realize low-cost and efficient development of oil and gas resources. According to the research and application of tight radius drilling technology based on high pressure water jet, the equipment buildup, drilling theory, technical process and application effect of three tight radius drilling technologies and equipments(i.e., forging milling and reaming hydraulic type, forging milling and reaming jet thrust type and casing window type) are summarized systematically, and the advantages, disadvantages and adaptability of different technologies are included. From the point of view of increasing production of coalbed methane wells, the tight radius drilling technology based on forging milling and reaming jet thrust type is a suitable technology and should be further studied, and the difficulties and solutions in the process of coal seam drilling and turning are put forward. Finally, in view of the bottleneck problems of the tight radius drilling technology and equipment in formation applicability, drilling efficiency, productivity increase and so on, and energy development demand under present new situation, specific development suggestions are proposed, including the tight radius drilling compound stimulation technology, the tight radius drilling of drilling rate-increasing and efficiency-enhancing technology, the tight radius drilling and screen completion integration technology, the automated, informatized and intelligent tight radius drilling technology.


tight radius drilling, rotary multihole jet, status, prospect, coalbed methane




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