Coal Geology & Exploration


The in-situ stress of 3-1 coal seam in Hongqingliang coal mine was measured by hollow core inclusion measurement, and distribution characteristics of in-situ stress field were obtained in order to solve the problem of serious deformation in mining roadway. Fault structures of grade Ⅰ-Ⅴ in Hongqingliang coal mine were divided by geo-dynamic division method, and the stress areas were divided and the stability of roadways was analysis by rock stress state analysis system. The research showed that the in-situ stress field in Hongqingliang coal mine belongs to the horizontal tectonic stress field, which is dominated by horizontal compressive stress. The direction of in-situ stress field had little influence on the stability of roadway. The stress areas could be divided into four kinds, which are high stress area, stress gradient area, normal stress area and low stress area, and the type's area was 5.9%, 55.7%, 27.0%,11.4% of the whole coal mine. In mining field, stress gradient area and normal stress area accounted for the most, and serious deformation areas were located in high stress area and stress gradient area, which were the main reasons that affected the stability of roadways. Distribution characteristics of in-situ stress field and the division of stress area would play important roles in the mining deployment and support design in Hongqingliang coal mine and other coal mines in similar conditions.


in-situ stress measurement, in-situ stress field, roadway deformation, geo-dynamic division, rock stress state analysis, stress area division, Hongqingliang coal mine




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