Coal Geology & Exploration


The chuck is an important part of the coal mine tunnel drilling rig. The performance of the chuck directly affects the efficiency and quality of drilling. Aiming at the problems of the rubber cylinder hydraulic chuck. a new radial piston hydraulic chuck is studied. The objective of this paper is to devise a new radial piston hydraulic chuck instead of rubber-sleeve hydraulic chuck. Then, the motion mathematical model of radial piston hydraulic chuck was established based on the radial piston chuck clamping and loosening of system structure and working principle. At the same time, a dynamic co-simulation of chuck hydraulic control and mechanical system was made under the AMESim condition. According to the multi machine coupling model, the response and the clamping force characteristics of the clamping system were analyzed in detail, and the test bench was set up for verification. The research results show that the component saucer reed features of the radial chuck key have bigger influence on the system characteristics. By optimizing the performance parameters of the disc spring, a set of key parameters is obtained. The clamping time of radial chuck is 0.325 s, similar to the clamping time of rubber-sleeve chuck 0.325 s, and the release time is 0.275 s, close to the release time of rubber-sleeve chuck 0.300 s. In other words, it can be interchangeable with the rubber sleeve hydraulic chuck to meet the functional requirements of the drilling rig .Beside, the simulation results are consistent with the experimental results. This proves the radial chuck model is accurate. The results of this study will provide theoretical basis for the series design and improvement of new radial piston chuck.


radial piston chuck, response characteristics, clamping force characteristics, mathematical model, AMESim




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