Coal Geology & Exploration


Jungar coalfield is located at the turning point of Yimeng uplift and Jinxi flexure belt in Ordos basin. There are many kinds of mine structures in the coalfield, and the structural complexity has changed greatly before and after the exposure by mine production. Taking the fold, fault, karst collapse column, igneous rock intrusion and other geological structures exposed by geological exploration and mining as the research object, quantitative or semi-quantitative evaluation of structural development characteristics in the mine was carried out by means of mathematical statistics, and the formation mechanism, evolution background of different geological structures were analyzed. The main reasons for the change of mine structure complexity were found, and the influence of different types of geological structure on mining production was analyzed. The experiences of the structural exploration were summarized, and the routes of the exploration of the structure was established. The results show that the structural styles of Buliangou coal mine are various. The zoning characteristics of structural development are obvious, and the structural combination is coupling. The arc-shaped slope break belt and wave fold in the middle of the mine belong to the associated structure of Yellow river fault and Hu-Qing fault, formed from Caledonian tectonic movement. The combination of EW(or near EW) and NW faults in the area is the result of the joint action of Indosinian S-N compressive stress and Yanshanian NW-SE compressive stress in Ordos basin. All kinds of geological structures restrict the location of the mining area, affect the tunneling, mining speed of working face, cause a lot of resource loss, and bring a huge challenge to the prevention and control of mine water. According to the geological structure characteristics of similar mine, a comprehensive geological structure detection method combining “geophysical exploration, drilling, surface and underground” with high-precision full-digital three-dimensional seismic exploration on the ground, delineation of exploration target areas by underground in-seam wave and electrical method, and directional drilling verification with drilling instead of roadway is proposed.


structural features, structural exploration, mining influence, Buliangou coal mine, Jungar coalfield




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