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Stacking angle is an important parameter to describe the spatial accumulation pattern of filling material in the goaf. It has important guiding significance for determining the drilling distance, optimizing the slurry configuration and adjusting the grouting process parameters. In order to grasp the variation law of stacking angle of slurry-aeolian sand dual-phase medium filling material, using self-flow stacking model experiment of tailings and rheological properties experiment, the mixing ratio of aeolian sand was taken as a variable to determine the slurry accumulation parameters and rheological parameters on different conditions of sand ratio. Based on this, Sofra & Boger formula was modified and the accumulation angle calculation formula suitable for slurry-aeolian sand dual-phase media filling material was established, which provided a new way for the quantitative evaluation of filling material stacking angle.


goaf, stacking angle, aeolian sand, model experiment, rheological properties




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