Coal Geology & Exploration


In order to conform to the development direction of automation and intelligence of underground equipment in coal mines, a set of electronically controlled system of drilling rig has been developed according to the characteristics of underground drilling rigs in coal mines. The functions such as remote control, parameter monitoring, working condition judgment and safe interlocking were realized in the drilling rig. On the basis of single-acting control of the drilling rig, the technology of automatic drilling and automatic trip-out of the drilling rig was studied, which greatly improved the automation of underground drilling rig in coal mine. The functional experiments and on-site industrial experiments showed that the functionality, the instantaneity and the reliability of the designed electronic control system met the requirements of operation. The developed electronic control system is matched on the drilling rig, which can improve the automation of the drilling rig, better guarantee the safety of personnel and equipment, and play a positive role in promoting the intelligent development of the drilling rig in coal mine.


full hydraulic underground drilling rig, electronic-hydraulic control technology, automation technology




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