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The essence of coal gas adsorption/desorption process is the process of interaction between gas molecules and molecules or atoms on the surface of the coal matrix, and the nature of the interaction is energy change. In order to deeply study the coalbed gas adsorption/desorption rules and energy change rules under the action of far infrared, the self-developed device was used to perform CO2 adsorption/desorption experiments on coal samples with different water contents under the action of far infrared. Then, the experimental results are calculated using the adsorption/desorption energy change model obtained from the principle of far-infrared thermal radiation, and the energy change rules of the coal adsorption/desorption processes with different water contents are obtained. The results show that after the far-infrared action, the desorption rate decreases with the increase of the water content, but the decline is significantly reduced. The far-infrared action can reduce the effect of moisture on the coalbed gas adsorption/desorption capacity. The gas adsorption/desorption process of coal with different water contents under the action of far-infrared is a physical change, which can be explained from the point of view of energy, and its change law is consistent with the isothermal adsorption/desorption process. The research results enrich the theory of stimulation technology for coalbed methane development.


adsorption/desorption, moisture content, far infrared, power, energy change, adsorption potential, desorption rate




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