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The luffing mechanism of drilling rig is used to adjust the opening parameters of the borehole, that is, azimuth angle, inclination angle, and height. According to the structural differences of different types of drilling rig and the construction characteristics of borehole in underground coal mine, this paper summarizes the adjustment requirements to opening parameters and proposes the research goal, which can rapidly and accurately adjust the parameters of the borehole and safeguard the stability of drilling construction. It is concluded that the luffing mechanism of drilling rig in underground coal mine has overall characteristics of small size, large adjustment range of parameters, reliable stability in construction, and high automation in the process of adjustment. According to the analysis of structural characteristics, auxiliary stable mode, control method, applicable range, and advantages and disadvantages of several common luffing mechanisms in underground coal mine, the key research directions in terms of structure and control methods of luffing mechanism are proposed in the process of development from drilling rig to drilling robot. It is suggested that the research should focus on the development of automatic locking device of joint, demand of automatic loading and unloading drillpipes, the intelligent adjustment of opening parameters, the coordinate control of opening parameters with chassis leveling and body stability. The research results provide an approach for the equipment intellectualization of drilling rig in underground coal mine."


underground coal mine, luffing mechanism, drilling rig, intellectualization, stable system




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