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The mine distributed seismic advance detection system is a set of equipment for detecting the heading geological structure of the mine tunnel. The system is based on the seismic reflection theory. The geologic anomaly is determined by the distributed geophones or the distributed excitation of the source. In order to improve the prediction and prediction accuracy of the structure during coal mining, the distributed observation system and the hole capsule detectors are used for data acquisition to improve the sensitivity of the equipment, the negative apparent velocity principle is used to exclude the interference of the lateral and rear geological anomalies, and diffraction common offset algorithm is used to optimize data inversion results. After a large number of tests and practice, it is concluded that the system can effectively detect geological anomaly information within 70 meter in front by using artificial hammer source and within the range of 150–200 m in front by explosive source. The research results show that the mine distributed seismic advance detection system achieves the accuracy and efficiency of geological structure detection in the mining process through hardware-to-software optimization.


distributed earthquake, advance detection system, capsule detector, negative apparent velocity, diffraction common offset




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