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Igneous intrusions in the Datong coalfield caused a considerable amount of contact metamorphosed coal, reducing the industrial value of coal. The effect of a dike in roadway 5222 in Tashan coal mine was determined from analysis of 16 samples collected near the intrusive body. Microscopic and macroscopic observation, proximate and ultimate analysis were used to determine the petrographic characteristics. The results demonstrate that contact-metamorphosed coal experienced significant thermal alteration during intrusive event. Microscopically, various natural coke microstructures, such as mosaic structure, flow structure and pyrolytic carbon were formed under excess heat; instant heating for coals resulted in the elevation of coal ranks, the maximum reflectance of vitrinite increased from 0.67%-0.87% of the normal coal to 0.94%-3.67% of the contact metamorphosed coal; In the contact-metamorphosed coal, the moisture content and the ash yields increased remarkably and volatile yield decreased; In coal samples near dikes, C content increases, H, N and O content decreases. From the comprehensive analysis, it was inferred that the influencing range of the contact metamorphism of the dikes for coal seams is within 4.5 m, 1.25 times of the dike thickness, 1.6 m in a severely metamorphosed zone. The research results provided the basis for assessment of coal mining and utilization.


diabase, dike, contact metamorphism, petrography, Tashan coal mine, Datong coalfield




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