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In order to study the mechanism and main control factors of seepage water inrush in roadway affected by collapse columns, Darcy, Brinkman and N-S equations were used to describe the linkage system of flow field in aquifer, collapse column and water inrush roadway. Variables such as different parameters and different boundaries were selected to analyze the main factors influencing the seepage water inrush intensity of collapse columns. The results show that under the conditions of constant pressure and flow, the increase of aquifer permeability will lead to the increase of flow velocity in an area where the aquifer meets the collapse column. However, under the condition of constant flow rate, the increase rate is small and the water inrush velocity of roadway will be reduced. The increase of collapse column permeability has a significant effect on water inrush pressure and water inrush velocity. Under the condition of constant pressure, with the increase of collapse column permeability, the water inrush velocity increases sharply. As the pressure of aquifer increases, the velocity of collapse column and roadway increases obviously. At the constant flow boundary, with the increase of collapse column permeability, the water inrush velocity of roadway only fluctuates slightly. The conclusion of the study is compared with the existing relevant results, and the research law is consistent with this paper. In overall analysis, the mechanism of water inrush in roadway affected by collapse column is that the aquifer maintains high pressure, sufficient water replenishment, the permeability in the broken area of collapse column is large, and the aquifer and roadway are connected. Permeability of collapse column and pressure of aquifer are the main controlling factors of seepage water inrush intensity of collapse column.


seepage water inrush, collapse column, seepage model, main control factors, permeability




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