Coal Geology & Exploration


In order to analyze the carbon and oxygen composition and origin of the coal seam gas(CSG) in abandoned mines, Panzhuang block, south of Qinshui basin, in this paper, the coalbed methane and produced water samples were collected. The results show that the CSG of abandoned mines is dominated by CH4, the average is 91.99%, with minor amounts of N2(6.73%) and CO2(1.26%). The δ13C values of CH4 range from -31.36‰ to -33.53‰, with an average of -32.25‰, the hydrogen isotope(δD) value is between -182.76‰ and -193.20‰, and the average value is -187.538‰. The main ions in produced water of abandoned mine are mainly composed of Mg2+, K+, HCO3-, Cl-, Na+, SO42- and NO3-, and the type is Mg-(HCO3)2. The CH4 was mainly generated from thermal cracking during coalification, with some microbial genetic methane. Compared with the unexploited coal seams, the abandoned coal mine is more suitable for methanogen to produce the CH4.


abandoned coal mine, coalbed methane(CBM), carbon and oxygen isotope, origin, microbial methane




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