Coal Geology & Exploration


At present, the development trend of coal mining in China is transferring from the east to the western regions. The Yan'an Formation coal bearing measures middle Jurassic is the most widely distributed in the west, it is of the continental sedimentary environment, which has the characteristics of big change of lithofacies, multiple coal seams, unstable coal seams and less marker, there are difficulties in coal seam correlation, such as lack of basis and multi-solution phenomenon. Based on the wide application of high precision seismic exploration and digital logging technology, the fine correlation of terrestrial multi-coal seams was carried out by using the physical property response markers of coal seams and combining with the exploration engineering practice in Abaotu area of Jurassic coalfield in northern Shaanxi. The paper deeply discusses the construction of multi-seam correlation method combination mode for the continental coal-bearing formation, forms the framework system of 7 categories and 12 method combinations, and puts forward the working procedures and implementation principles. Practice shows that strengthening the comprehensive analysis of geophysical exploration data, utilizing the physical signs of coal seams and attaching importance to the application of combined signs can effectively improve the reliability of coal seam correlation, which is of practical significance for rational exploitation of coal resources and guarantee of coal exploration and production.


coal seams correlation method, continental strata, physical response, seismic exploration, digital logging, Jurassic coal field in northern Shaanxi




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