Coal Geology & Exploration


In the process of coal mining, mine water hazard accidents occur frequently. In order to find out the water source of mine water inrush quickly and accurately, and reduce the harm caused by mine water inrush to coal mine production, taking Zhaogezhuang mine as an example, and the method of combining independent weight coefficient with fuzzy variable theory was used to select six kinds of hydrochemical indexes of Na+, Ca2+, Mg2+, Cl-, SO42- and HCO3-, 20 sets of water sample data of Zhaogezhuang mine were analyzed and calculated. The results showed that independence weight coefficient-fuzzy variable model eliminated the influence of redundant information among indexes in water samples, overcame the difficulty of determining the weight among variables in water samples and the uneven influence of variables on water quality, and ensured the accuracy of water inrush source identification model to a certain extent. The weight of Cl- was much larger than that of other chemical indexes, that means, Cl- had a great influence on the identification results of water inrush sources. This paper established a model to discriminate eight groups of water samples in Zhaogezhuang mine, the accuracy of the identification was 87.5%. It shows that the model has certain application value in identifying the source of mine water inrush.


identification of water inrush source, independent weight coefficient method, fuzzy variable set theory, chemical index, Zhaogezhuang mine




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