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To solve the problem of high energy consumption and slow drilling speed of impregnated diamond drill in hard rock, the method of volume crushing to improve drilling efficiency was put forward. In order to study the crushed volume of impregnated diamond bit in hard rock, firstly, an test of single diamond pressed into rock was designed. According to the experimental data, the first partial broken volume when single diamond was pressed into rock was the volume breakage type of impregnated diamond bit. Then the mathematical model of optimal drilling pressure and speed in first partial broken volume was deduced. By comparing the theoretical value with the actual value, the results of test of single diamond pressed into rock and the correctness of mathematical model were further verified. Finally, we put forward a method to improve drilling speed, the method is to add large-grained diamond to small-grained diamond bit, to quantitatively calculate the theoretical concentration of large-grained diamond, and the addition amount of small and large diamond grain was determined, the distribution and rock crushing ways of large diamond was discussed, which will provide reference for parameter design of diamond-impregnated bit.


diamond pressed into rock, volumetric crushing, diamond-impregnated bit, calculation model




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