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Accurately delineating the key monitoring areas for water inrush warning of the floor of working face in coal mine and realizing the spatial matching of the monitoring position of the early warning system and the location of potential water inrush points are one of the urgent problems to be solved in the warning of water inrush from the floor of working face in coal mine. In order to study the evaluation technology for key monitoring area of water inrush warning of the floor of working face in coal mine, hydrogeological analysis, GIS spatial analysis and ANN prediction were used to establish a evaluation index system for key monitoring area of early warning of water inrush disaster, the method to convert discontinuous indicators into continuous indicators was proposed, an evaluation model was established, a GIS system for key monitoring area evaluation was developed, the coupling evaluation technology of GIS and ANN in the key monitoring area of early warning of water inrush disaster from coal mine floor was realized, and finally, taking Zhaozhuang coal mine as an example, the key monitoring area of working face 5303 was delineated by the system. The research shows that the influencing factors of the key monitoring areas are mainly aquifer water pressure, aquifer water abundance, thickness of aquifer water-proof and isolating coal pillar of aquifer, goaf risk index, fault risk index, collapse column risk index, and poorly sealed borehole risk index. The segmentation function can effectively convert the discontinuous indicators into continuous indicators. The evaluation system developed can realize the automatic evaluation of the key monitoring areas of coal mine water inrush disaster warning and monitoring, and the evaluation results are consistent with the scene revealed and monitoring results of the water hazard warning system.


water inrush disaster, water inrush warning, key monitoring area, evaluation technology




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