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In order to improve the versatility of the induced polarization(IP) signal receiver of traditional frequency domain, a signal acquisition platform was designed, which can acquire and process IP signals of frequency domain such as variable-frequency signals, dual-frequency IP signals, and pseudo-random multi-frequency IP signals and so on. Hardware circuits were established based on STM32 to execute low-pass filtering, program-controlled amplification, analog-to-digital conversion, and data communication. The host computer was developed in LabVIEW to achieve parameter settings, digital filtering, spectrum analysis, amplitude measurement and calculation to obtain target parameters such as PFE, and has waveform display and playback, data storage and viewing functions. The experiment of the RC network model was carried out, three methods were used to measure the percent frequency effect(PFE), the absolute error of the PFE was less than 0.5%. Results showed that the platform has high measurement accuracy, and can flexibly select different methods for acquisition and processing. It has good application prospect in resource exploration and coal mine water hazard detection.


frequency domain IP, LabVIEW, RC network, PFE, signal acqusition platform




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