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In order to detect the geological structures in the front of the working face 1199 in Gequan mine of Xingtai mining area, underground channel wave seismic exploration was used to conduct advanced detection, linear Radon transform was used to extract the reflection wave from the front of the roadway, parameter information of the surrounding rocks were obtained through velocity analysis in time domain, The abnormal geological bodies in the front of the roadway were imaged through Kirchhoff migration. The results indicated that there existed anomalies at 205 m and 237 m away from the geophone point G12 in the front of the excavating roadway, corresponding to the mined-out roadway and the fault SF4 respectively; The velocity parameters were extracted through velocity analysis, it was judged preliminarily that SF4 was water-bearing. The drilling verification results showed that Kirchhoff migration method can image the faults in front of the roadway.


channel wave, dispersion analysis, advanced detection, Kirchhoff migration, Gequan mine of Xingtai mining area




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