Coal Geology & Exploration


The seismic while mining detection technology with coal cutter as seismic source in coal face is the key to accurately know the geological conditions of mining, improve the detection accuracy of geological anomaly structure in coal face, and realize unmanned intelligent mining or with few people. It has broad application prospects.The conventional seismic data processing software can not meet the requirements of real-time, continuous and large data volume for seismic while mining data. By analyzing the requirement of seismic while mining detection technology for data processing software(SWM), a framework of hierarchical and multi-task data processing software is proposed. The components and functions of each layer and task in the software framework are introduced in detail. The system integrates data management, data display, data processing and results display. At the same time, it can meet the needs of real-time, continuous and large amount of seismic while mining data.


seismic while mining, intelligent mining, software development, real time multiple tasks




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