Coal Geology & Exploration


Using self-made experimental system, experiments were performed on coal samples to study supercritical CO2 seepage, adsorption and CH4 displacement by supercritical CO2. Experimental results show that permeability and adsorption of supercritical CO2 in coal increase with CO2 pressures. Pressures and temperatures of CO2 influence the values of displaced CH4. Values of displaced CH4 increase by average 0.076 cm3/g and sweep efficiency rises by 17%-23% with the CO2 pressure increasing from 8 MPa to 12 MPa, while displacement volume decreases linearly. With the temperature rising by 10℃, sweep efficiency increases by 8% while displacement volume declines by 0.5 on average.


methane displaced by supercritical carbon dioxide, temperature, pressure of CO2, sweep efficiency, dis-placement volume




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