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In order to understand the development of the temperature field of artificial freeze dredging plates and the process of the formation of frozen curtains, the finite element analysis was used to perform numerical analysis using the single factor analysis method for research of the frozen process in different circumstances of geometric size of plate and physical environment of the soil under water. The results show that the correlation between the different geometric dimensions of the frozen plate and the dredging depth is weak, and the geometric dimension of the frozen plate can only change the area of dredging; for the dredging environment, the greater thermal conductivity of the soil layer, the smaller the specific heat, the smaller the specific heat, the lower the original geothermal temperature, the faster the cooling rate, and the more efficient the dredging is; sand is more efficient to be frozen than that of clay; the effect of the latent heat of phase change on the cooling of the soil is very limited; The lowest temperature has a great influence on the depth of dredging. Before -50℃, the curtain of frozen soil develops rapidly. The development thickness of frozen soil curtain increases by about 0.4 m per 10℃ reduction, and the development of frozen soil curtain after -50℃, the development of curtain thickness of permafrost is slower, only about 0.05 m for every 10℃ reduction; therefore, in the actual project, the freezing effect can be better achieved by adjusting the brine cooling plan at the initial stage of freezing. It is recommended that the minimum temperature of the brine cooling plan be set at -50℃, and the available dredging depth at this time is about 1.5 m. The results obtained can provide reference for related actual projects in the future.


underwater freeze plate, artificial freezing, temperature field, numerical simulation




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