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There are two problems in the random noise attenuation in f-x domain:(1) Reflected waves as hyperbolic events in pre-stack CMP gather or shot gathers, de-noising will damage the effective wave; (2) Seismic signals are complex non-stationary signals, requiring that the de-noising method has the adaptivity. Aiming at these two problems, a random noise suppression method based on f-x EEMD was proposed. The method utilizes the reflected waves which are horizontal events in common offset gathers, satisfying the f-x domain de-noising assumption, and the good adaptability of EEMD algorithm to non-stationary signals. For each frequency slices in the f-x domain, signal is decomposed into a series of IMFs by EEMD, and the first IMF component which is noise dominant is removed. Finally, f-x domain data is inversely transformed back to t-x domain to realize noise separation. The theoretical trial and practical application indicate that the proposed method can suppress the random noise while maintaining the desired signal.


random noise, common offset gather, f-x domain, EEMD, noise surpression




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