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In order to integrate the borehole data and geological survey data of sandstone-type uranium deposits, the unified management of the borehole database was implemented, and the efficiency of integrated application of the geological data of borehole data was improved. A comprehensive information management platform for uranium was designed and implemented. For big data platform, the four-layer framework composed of the base installation, information resources, application service, user interaction was proposed. Techniques such as virtualization of cloud computing, distributive storage and parallel computing were adopted to set up the basic environment of the big data of uranium and improve the unified storage management and the computing power of the big data set of was enhanced. Based on the parallel computing technique, the functions of fast 3-D visualized expression and fast inquiry of multiple conditions was realized, providing technical support of data basis and information for uranium exploration and result integration. uranium boreholes. The goal for intelligent extraction, highly efficient conversion and fast loading of multi-source heterogeneous borehole data was realized. The working efficiency of data management and integrated application


big data technology, information management platform, data mining, metallogenic prediction




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