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By using orthogonal test to analyze the influence of cement content, fly ash content and cinder content, the non-confining compression strength test was carried out for the stability of large-scale landfill base structure and for the saving costs. The strength at different curing ages was analyzed by variance, and the reinforcement mechanism was also studied. The test results showed that the optimal ratio of cement stabilized soil under different factors is 20% of cement, 15% of fly ash, 10% of cinder, and the strength is the largest at this point. And the influence of cement content on the strength of the mixtures is the main factor, followed by the amount of fly ash and the content of cinder, and with the increase of age, the influence degree of fly ash and cinder on the strength of the mixture is gradually enhanced, and the cinder has less effect on the early strength of the compound than the fly ash.


cement, backfill sand, orthogonal test, unconfined compression strength




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