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The classification of mine hydrogeological type is an important part of mine hydrogeology work. It is of great significance to analyze water filling conditions, evaluate water hazard and guide mine water prevention work. In order to evaluate mine hydrogeological conditions, this paper introduced optimal transfer matrix to improve hierarchic analytic process, and then applied this method to classify mine hydrogeological types. Taking four pairs of active mines in Hujierte mining area of Inner Mongolia as an example, the evaluation index system for classification of mine hydrogeological types was built on the basis of analysis of the hydrogeological conditions, then theoretical weight of different influencing factors was calculated using improved hierarchy analysis process. The mathematical model was set up to calculate Z value of the composite score of each mine. According to the calculation result, the hydrogeological conditions in four pairs of active mines are all of complex type.


mine water hazard, mine hydrogeological type, improved hierarchic analysis process, weight




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